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If you've been following my studio vlogs, I've been documenting my shop journey in my Wanderlust Passport made from Bobo Design Studio. I am now a proud Bobo Brand 'Bassador! I wanted to share my discount code with you!

I met Angie at SJmade 2019 and she is a local shop owner located in San Jose and she loved highlighting traveling and journaling.

Click the link below:

or use coupon code: JETTARTZ10 to get 10% off your order!


Bobo Brand 'Bassador Journey

While I am still learning about my business and I find it super important to document the journey. When I purchased this book at SJmade, I wanted to document the many places I wanted to visit. As 2020 took a huge shift for the world, I didn't let that stop me from using this amazing notebook. I want to be better at writing more blogs to remind myself to enjoy the process. I will be posting more about my shop journey and here is an introduction to one of my favorite notebooks made by Angie!

Shop with Bobo Design Studio


I am featured on the Bobo Design Studio Blog!

Thank you Angie for sharing my exreince with the Boboposse!

Click here to read "Unique Ways To Use A Journal- Featuring Jettartz"

Items in the image:

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