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Kitt and Bunn Supply Co

February has been a month of transition for me. I am part of the Kitt and Bunn PR team!

I was supposed to attend SF Planner Con in March 2020, but I was terrified of the COVID-19. I decided to spend the weekend with my family and close friends. Which I am very grateful I did because I did not imagine we would be in a pandemic.

The Kitt and Bunn team was a vendor that I wanted to check out at this event. I missed the opportunity to meet them in-person. Whitney and Alex started doing Instagram live sales and other "coffee shop" fun stuff. Then, she started a Patreon and daily art twitch streams. I am so happy to participant in that the positive community that Whitney and Alex have created.


Use JETTARTZ10 at Kitt and Bunn Supply Co

+You will get 10% off your order

+My special freebie sticker sheet

Shop Kitt and Bunn Supply Co

Where you can find them!

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Become a patron

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